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We offer a wide range of therapeutic services which can be referred to or instructed as part of Kindred Community packages or independently. All our therapists working under the banner of Kindred Community Ltd have professional qualification and passed our annual experience health check plus signed up to the Kindred Community code of ethic's and agreed way of working. 


The therapeutic services we offer at Kindred Community Ltd include occupations focused primarily on working with those with acquired, traumatic or catastrophic brain injuries, complex disabilities and needs. The team all have specialisms mostly within a Neuro specific context. They are therapists that have been accepted into our team due to their professionalism, skill, experience and client-centred mindset.

All our therapists work in a goal focused and outcome measured way, providing professional reports and therapeutic summaries upon initial assessment, review or request at specific junctures of the rehabilitation or therapeutic input.

Our therapists work face to face with clients and can travel to meet them at a convenient agreed location or at their home. This enables the working relationship to build and the client to receive the full benefit of a private service. 

The therapists work to change the health status of patients or clients over time through direct care, treatment, counselling, or health education information.

If you are interested in working with one of our team or you don't see the therapy you require please get in touch, we would be happy to help or point you in the right direction of specialist therapists that we can recommend from our large network of independent private therapists.  

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