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Initial Information for referrers 

We like to keep referrals as simple as possible and ask that you call or email us to check capacity and suitability should you have a client in mind or a need for our services. We can provide you with our team profiles and our terms and conditions on the outset to aid you in your decision making. We are also happy to complete a free meet and greet with the client or funders as part of the initial referral to instruct a case manager. 


We are adaptable and flexible in our approach, always pushing to find new and innovative ways to meet our clients’ needs and ensure they have the best experience possible. We look forward to hearing from you by email admin@kindredcommunity Ltd or call Kathryn on 07387771220 and we will aim to respond within 24 hours of your enquiry.


Complete Financial Transparency 

We have taken the time to ensure the structure of Kindred Community Ltd has an ethical and transparent framework. As part of our initial concept discussions we felt it important to canvas a number of professional Court of Protection Financial Deputies and Solicitors, We found that there were a number of bugbears which cropped up when using case management companies. We have listened to these areas of concern and ensured we mitigate against them, most of all striving to give our clients or professionals we work with complete financial transparency.  

Cost conscious in our role, we believe all aspects of our business and service to you should be transparent, letting you know the costs up front with no hidden extras. We firmly uphold that all our provision should be ethically and clinically lead reducing the cost to our clients where possible. To ensure we deliver this we ensure:

  • We provide estimation of costs before commencing provision of our services and will update this regularly.

  • We value feedback on cost implications and how to improve our cost effectiveness.

  • We hold an ethical core belief at the centre of all we do ensuring that clients are never overcharged and are aware of the cost implications of our provision.

  • Provision of case management costs will be agreed in advance and updated regularly to support financial planning.

  • All additional professional services outsourced, such as HR, payroll and transportation will be provided to client at its initial cost price.

  • We will identify ways to cut costs and pass on the savings to the client.

  • We use Case Manager Assistants, qualified to the role, where possible to help reduce costs.

  • We provide administration services, where appropriate, to reduce case management costs.

  • We will provide an itemised breakdown of cost for our services monthly.

  • We want to make sure our services are equitable and fair and as such we work according to a comprehensive charging policy which provides specific and detailed guidance on charging for our services.

We would be interested to receive your referral.
Tell us about your client or intrest today.

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