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Kindred is CQC Registered

Our CQC Timeline:

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Kindred Community Ltd is regulated by CQC (Care Quality Commission) for the following regulated activities:

Personal Care

Treatment of disease disorder and injury

What does this mean?

Personal Care - This regulated activity involves supporting people in their homes (or where they're living at the time) with things like washing, bathing or cleaning themselves, getting dressed or going to the toilet. In the case of our Case Management input and why this is regulated; as our Case Managers oversee the care, support and input that our clients receive in personal care areas, we need to be regulated to this activity. We need to follow the specific guidance and quality standards set out and expected by the CQC whether delivering the input or overseeing the input that our clients receive from their care teams and or families.


Treatment of disease disorder and injury -  This regulated activity applies to the treatment of disease, disorder or injury in any setting, for example hospitals, clinics, hospices, ambulances, GP and dental surgeries, community services, and care homes. At Kindred Community our clients can be in varying situations and environments. Plus we also offer therapeutic intervention as well as Case Management. As such we have felt it prudent to be regulated to this activity as well as Personal Care.

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Further Information

What is a regulated activity?

The regulated activities are detailed in Schedule 1 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014. The CQC describe each regulated activity and give some examples of services that are likely to carry on these activities. If the general exceptions and exemptions do not apply, services must register for each regulated activity that we provide, unless a specific exemption applies. The Quick reference guide also shows which regulated activities you are likely to need to register for.



Why be registered?

Kindred Community Team feel that the registration to CQC offers an oversight which is regulated by the government on services we provide to our clients. We have always been an advocate to the CQC registration even before it was requested by BABICM and CMSUK. Our Registered Manager Kathryn Howard has held this role in previous services since 2014.

All of our documentation, services and input given to the client is set at the high quality standards that CQC require and inspect against.

The Kindred Community team take governance and due diligence of our services very seriously and believe that no one should be beyond approach.



How does this benefit Kindred Community Ltd and all our clients, families, staff, therapists and Case Managers?

All of our clients, families, therapists and those working with Kindred Community team know that we are working to a high standard and take the quality of service delivery seriously. We also feel that through transparent, open service delivery which is regularly audited we will have a rounded, checked and regulated input to our clients to ensure we can be the very best we can be in our areas of expertise.

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