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Our Services

Our highly skilled professionals are offering a range of services.  We are ever adaptable and would be happy to discuss any service you would like to receive from the team here at Kindred Community Ltd.

If you chose to work with us we can offer you the following;

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We provide a bespoke, transparent and comprehensive case management service for brain injury specific cases, vulnerable adults and those with complex disabilities and needs.

We offer short and long term case management with direct face to face contact with the client and families we support. 

We offer a range of services such as Neuro Occupational Therapy, Brain Injury specific and general Counselling,

Sports Therapy, Neuro physiotherapy all delivered by fully trained and registered therapists.

Let us work together in clinical Supervision to find a solution focused, effective and reflective approach that works for you.
We offer supervision which is the regular collaborative reflection, that builds on the supervises use of their thoughts, feelings, and values within a service encounter. Plus with added bonus of industry specific experience.

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We offer Immediate Needs Assessment (INA) to be carried out as a one off report, outlining the current clinical needs of the client, associated budget and making recommendations as to how these needs could be met or at the start of working with a client once formally instructed.  If the client has been receiving regular case management previously,  we can offer a Case Management update report and plan with associated budget outlining in more detail the plan of proposed intervention by the Case Manager.

Kindred Connect is an arm to our services that offers independent Brain Injury Case Managers who are CQC registered or going through application to register with CQC, a space to connect with other professionals in their industry, We offer many benefit and services such as CPD talks, annual leave cover and Contingency Cover. 

Group collaboration is so important to share good practice, vent about the day's events, a space to find a recommended therapist in a new area of working or simply a space to toot your own horn! 

Our Case Manager Practitioner Level 1 Amanda Cooper is the Kindred Community Ltd trainer for a number of

industry specific training days or sessions for care teams. We offer a series of Brain Injury training or specialist notes training for staff and care teams which can be bespoken to your client or services.

These training sessions can be adapted to ensure the needs of your team and service are discussed and met.

Care starts with a phone call.
Tell us about your requirements today.

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