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Kindred Connect is a subscription based support network for independent case managers or therapists with their own business, who don't wish to join a larger company but who miss the connection of working with a team of likeminded people from the same industry.


We feel this is an innovative idea that can give the independent case manager continued autonomy of running their own company and client base, but with the support, networking, conversation of a wider team around them for support on those difficult days, or simply (as we actively encourage) tooting one's own horn!

The remit you need to meet to join the subscription of Kindred Connect is:

  • Be a Case Manager or Therapist working in the Neuro field

  • Run your own company

  • CQC registered / application having been submitted

  • Have 3years + experience of the role

  • Be registered with a governing body relevant to the professionalism held

  • Be a member of BABICM / CMSUK / VRA or the like

  • Happy to sign up to the Kindred Community code of ethic's


As part of the subscription we will offer you;

  • A safe space to connect with others in the form of a closed messaging group

  • Responsive contact to ensure your message is always heard and replied to

  • Free training opportunities

  • Support from your fellow Kindred Connect Colleagues and the Team here at Kindred which includes trained clinical supervisors

  • Networking of ideas, contacts, and resources

  • Discount with Kindred Community partners - Sussex HR and Virtual Administration

  • Regular updates on government or industry specific goings on

  • Vlogging / Blogging content

  • Cancel anytime, no hidden charges

  • Subscription specific email footer dart

We offer additional services for our Connect Members, such as:

  • Annual leave cover

  • Contingency planning cover 

  • Clinical supervision 

  • Checking services - such as reports, letters, pieces of work

  • CQC Mock inspection - on site or online

  • Kindred Talks - monthly industry professional talks to team members for free

Costings for our subscription to Kindred Connect is;

£50.00 per month per Therapist / Case Manager

£80.00 for small companies under 5 employees

For companies over 5 employees - we are happy to discuss your needs and costs

If you are interested in joining the Kindred Connect please contact us for an initial chat and

to find out more! Talk to us, we would love to hear all about your needs. 

For further information on Kindred Connect, click on this button:

Learn more about our Kindred Connect services.
Tell us about your Company today.

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