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Clinical Supervision enables practitioners to maintain consistent ethical good practice and to sustain their own resilience, robustness and levels of self-care to engage in clinical work. With an objective or outcome of supervision being that supervisees work ethically and safely, there needs to be an explicit recognition that a supervisee’s own ability and level of self-reflection to be able to identify and offer ethical practice and process ethical dilemmas may develop in relation or proportion to their level of training and experience. 

As clinical supervisors, one of the first areas our case managers start with is demonstrating how everything we do is connected. Let us work together to find a solution-focused, effective and reflective approach that works for you. Reflective supervision is the regular collaborative reflection between a service provider (clinical or otherwise) and supervisor that builds on the supervisees' use of their thoughts, feelings and values within a service encounter.

We work collaboratively to engage thinking and self-reflection in the work discussed, as well as focusing on the supervisees' self-care and own responsibilities to ensure they are working at their optimum.

We offer face to face, video-chat and group clinical supervision. We are adept at working with many disciplines such as case managers, counsellors, therapists and support staff working in rehabilitation areas or care industry. 

We also offer a Nursing supervisor, our A&E Sister and Urgent treatment Manager, as part of our team. They offer clinical Nurse supervision, support to gain Nurse pin revalidation and mentoring  services. 

We believe that clinical supervision is mandatory for anyone practicing as a case manager or therapist. The amount of hours will be dictated by your professionalism or your registration with CQC, BABICM and CMSUK. To ensure good working practice, accredited members of professional bodies will need a minimum of 1hours clinical supervision per month if you're currently practising with contracted clients. If you're managing a full case load, you may need to increase these hours as you see necessary.

You can take a break from supervision if you're not seeing any clients in a calendar month. This should be documented for accreditation purposes.  

We believe all staff working with clients should receive regular good quality supervision to meet CQC requirements. 

Kindred Community Ltd offers our associate Case Managers clinical supervision as part of their contribution of costs paid to the business. Case Manager Practitioners and Case Manager Assistants working under case managers will receive closer supervision which is structured to the needs and requirements of the person and charged to the client.


For more details on clinical supervision as part of our business services to associates please contact us for more details.   

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