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Our Core Values

Our client at the heart of all we do

Always striving to provide the very best service that is creative, bespoke, respectful and responsive to our client and their family, putting their needs, hopes and aspirations at the core of our work with you.

Our case managers are individually matched to our clients and their specific needs, using their excellent knowledge and clinical expertise. Able to build good rapport, working alliances in trusting relationships, respectfully supporting clients in reaching their full potential.

We know, client choice and autonomy is paramount when choosing the right case manager for you.

Cost conscious in out role

Ever mindful of keeping costs as low as possible, we ensure:

  • Provision of case management cost will be agreed in advance and updated regularly to support financial planning.

  • All additional professional services outsourced, such as HR, payroll and transportation will be provided to client at its initial cost price.

  • We will identify ways to cut costs and pass on the savings to the client.

  • We use Case Manager Assistants, qualified to the role, where possible.

  • We provide administration services, where appropriate, to reduce case management costs.

  • We will provide an itemised breakdown of services monthly.

  • We want to make sure our services are equitable and fair and as such we work according to a comprehensive charging policy which provides specific and detailed guidance on charging for our services.

Our ethical ethos

Transparent, trustworthy and accountable in all that we do.

Working collaboratively in a clinical model of case management.

Forging positive relationships to develop a therapeutic alliance.

Always learning, adaptable and flexible in our thinking.

We strive for equality and professional excellence, actively encouraging on our service in a process of continual improvement.

Delivering Case Management to You

We believe our case managers should be in good emotional and physical health, with a manageable case load.

Ensuring they always have the capacity to provide high quality case management services in a timely, professional, friendly and collaborative way.

Supporting your case manager not to be overworked or stretched too thinly. We ask that they work only with a limited number of clients to ensure their availability to you.

Ethical billing policy which reduces costs incurred by the case manager in providing their service to enable them to hold smaller caseloads.

We believe a good case manager is proactive and gets things done and can respond quickly and efficiently to any crisis. Their smaller caseloads makes this possible.

We ensure effective working of the multidisciplinary team, with clear goal focused outcomes which are monitored and reviewed regularly.


Currently completing CQC registration, all our work is completed under the ethical guidance and practice standards from The British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers (BABICM) and the Case Management Society UK (CMSUK).

All Case Managers will hold a professional registration and work in full compliance of these standards and guidelines.

All Case Managers will hold individual or personal Indemnity and personal liability insurance.

We facilitate all Case Managers to have an annual service delivery review with one of our directors to monitor service provision and professional registration needs.

Kindred Community carries out regular audits of service delivery compliance in line with CQC regulation and the key lines of enquiry (KLOES).

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